Iberico Cebo Pork Loin Bone-in


Pork rack is a cut from ribs closest to the loin, a muscle that is succulent, tender and packed with flavor. “Frenched” is a specific trimming technique which exposes the bone at the end of the rib by removing excess fat, meat and tough tissues. Frenching not only makes cooking more convenient and faster, but the dish will also look way more attractive when it is presented. Pork rack can be grilled, smoked, roasted or even baked, which is why it is often considered as one of the most versatile pork cut.

Spanish Iberico Pork
Iberico pigs are mainly raised in the southwest and west of Spain. The weight of Iberico pig is relatively lighter than many other pig breeds, thus, ideal for foraging. Iberico pigs consume a lot of acorns in the winter, and the oleic acid from the acorns can be preserved is the feature of Iberico pig. The renowned Spanish Iberico Pork comes with snowflakes-like marbling. Its rich and unique nutty flavor crowned it as the "wagyu" of pork.


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