Japan Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Ribeye


Japanese wagyu is expensive because the quality control is particularly strict. Kagoshima wagyu is the king of Japanese wagyu. With spectacular marbling, this ribeye steak will melt in your mouth. It delivers incredible long-lasting flavor notes, unique sweet aromas and tenderness that will captivate your senses.

Kagoshima Wagyu
Kagoshima is the largest wagyu producing place in Japan. The cattle are specially raised in the vast, lush wilderness. They are fed with carefully selected grass and protein-rich grain to increase the fibre and meat yield. In order to make the meat more tender, the breeders even massage their cattle. As the winner of all Japanese wagyu Olympics, Kagoshima wagyu is recognized as “Japan No. 1”.

A4 Graded
Japanese wagyu is ranked based on 4 different criteria: the texture, the color of the red meat, the quality and color of the fat, and the marbling of the fat. The marbling of A4 wagyu is fine, uniform, and lustrous.


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