US Cedar River Farm Natural Prime Striploin


Striploin is the meat below the rib cage, a part just above the round. A striploin steak is the perfect middle ground in both the tenderness and flavor. It boasts a melt-in-your-mouth texture experience, but is still juicy and has a potently ‘beefy’ flavor. It contains a more even distribution of marbling than the ribeye.

Cedar River Farm Natural Prime Angus
At Cedar River Farms, their goal is simple: to produce natural, superior beef. Cedar targets US-born, pure-bred, steers and raises them naturally. The cattle never receive any form of growth promotants or hormones, and are fed 360 - 400 days on high-energy grain-based rations resulting in maximum tenderness and flavor. Only 20-30% of Cedar River Farms cattle are grade-out on USDA Prime.

Young Harvest Age
Cattles are harvested with a target age of 14 - 17 months for optimal tenderness and muscle conformation.


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