Dashin Spicy Seafood Konjac Noodles


Glasswort powder containing protein, dietary fibre and various nutrients is added to the noodles for better nutrition. The sauce made with shrimp, squid and clams has a rich seafood flavor, making it the best combination with the actual squid in the garnish.

65% of Korean are addicted to carbohydrates. Excessive consumption of refined foods such as instant noodles, bread, and biscuits can convert calories into fat, which is one of the main causes of obesity. If you continue to eat after you are full, eat desserts frequently, have a habit of supper, and become hungry immediately after eating, you should actively avoid excessive carbohydrate intake! 

Konjac Noodles: Purified Water, Konjac Powder, Glasswort Powder, Calcium Hydroxide
Sauce: Oligosaccharide, Purified Water, Erythritol, Onion, Mirin, Shrimp Extract, Chicken Extract, Squid Extract, Oyster Sauce, Ketchup, Refined Salt, Clam Extract, Sauce, Modified Starch, Chili Oil, Garlic, Shellfish, Flavor Enhancers, Wheat Extract, Chili Powder, Paprika Oleoresin, Compound Seasoning Food, Xanthan Gum, Black Pepper Powder, Enzyme Treatment Stevia
Seafood Garnish: Dried Spring Onion Flakes, Dried Carrot Flakes, Dried Cabbage Flakes, Dried Onion Flakes, Freeze-dried Squid, Dried Red Pepper Ring Flakes, Shrimp Powder
*This product contains soybeans, wheat, shrimp, squid and shellfish

How to Eat
1. Open the package and pour the noodles into the cup container.
2. Rinse the noodles twice with water.
3. Add the sauce, garnish and mix well. Enjoy!
Tips: Put in the microwave oven and heat it for 15 - 30 seconds to have it warm.

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