With the principle of "Quality and Customers Come First", Grozla is a department store established in Hong Kong, selling daily necessities to consumers as well as to local major supermarkets and retail outlets. We carefully select all kinds of high-quality products and strive to enhance the life experience of our consumers.

1) Dashin, a popular body-building brand in Korea, breaks the stereotype of healthy snacks and is committed to making products with lower calories but more delicious so you can enjoy a pleasant sense of satiety. Its pronunciation is similar to "Dietshin", which means "God of Diet" in Korean. Dashin's products are also available in more than 5,000 convenience stores such as Olive Young, 7-11, and Watsons in Korea.

2) Eatmate moist steams the chicken breasts in the shortest time and freeze the products with rapid freezing technology immediately for a collection of soft and tender chicken breasts. The brand also makes products with chicken breast sausages, which provide an appreciable amount of protein. 

3) Pretty Palmiers is a local brand in Hong Kong, producing handmade palmiers with innovative ingredients. They use less sugar recipes and their products are additives-free.

4) With 90-year history, POLIBOY has been committed to the protection of nature. With its own laboratory initiating an independent research and development, new ecofriendly products have been developed and improved continuously. For decades, POLIBOY uses only solar, wind and hydro power as well as green energy without carbon dioxide for production. The brand has also gained the environmentally friendly product alternative which ensures ecological, economic and social sustainability.

5) Reshoevn8r was officially introduced to Hong Kong in 2015. It is an all-round cleaning and maintenance brand loved by the community of sneaker enthusiasts in the US. 100% natural materials are used, and a variety of products are produced for shoes in different materials. Now known as the world's top shoe cleaning brand, it is committed to providing the best cleaning and care products for shoes.

6) Liquiproof LABS has always been known for its waterproof effect as well as its eco-friendly and non-toxic products. Our Eco-Cleaner and Freshener are made from all-natural ingredients and are completely biodegradable. Our Protector is made from a silicon dioxide, a natural compound composed of silicon and oxygen.