Dashin Cleansing Smoothie (Orange)


Orange root vegetables are rich in nutrients with plenty of energy from the ground while apples and bananas contribute sweetness.

Instead of juices, our smoothies are made by directly grinding raw materials. Thus, they’re rich in dietary fibre, which not only helps to clear the clogged stomach but also gives a thick texture. The high sense of satiety allows our products to serve as a meal replacement. No synthetic additives, sugar nor fructose are added into the smoothies so they’re 100% natural. In addition, IQF quick-frozen technology is used to preserve the original taste, flavour and nutrition of the products.

Ingredients: 47% Carrot, 3% Beet, Apple, Banana

How to Drink
Take out from the freezer and let it defrost under room temperature for 2 – 3 hours before drink

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