AUS Westholme M7 Wagyu Ribeye


Known for its balanced fat distribution, striking an intricate balance between the aromatic marbling and meat, the rib eye is tender with juice on every bite. The Australian Wagyu earned its global popularity not only because it shares the even fat distribution and juiciness with the Japanese Wagyu, but also its fine fat marbling that melts with every bite as it blends seamlessly into the surrounding beef with a rich flavor.

Westholme Beef
Westholme calves came to Australia from Japan more than two decades ago. Their cattle are born wild and raised free on natural grasses. Westholme is finished on a specialized grain blend to provide the best nutrition. The grass and grain work together to deliver the intense marbling, complexity, and depth of flavor that makes Westholme beef so special.

M7 Graded
M7 striploin steak has an electable flavor and buttery tenderness. A bit of salt and pepper are all you need to develop that mouthwatering, caramelized crust.


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