The beant Crispy Seaweed with Soy Protein (Plain)


Seasoned seaweed has always been included in the list of high-sodium and high-fat snacks, but the beant's crispy seaweed is going to break the rule! The laver of the snack is from Seacheon-gun of Chungcheongnam-do, Korea's representative traditional laver production area so it contains a lot of minerals, vitamins and protein. Oligosaccharides, brown sugar and bay salt are used instead of starch syrup, white sugar and refined salt to reduce the calorie and sodium content. At the same time, rice bran oil which is known for its outstanding antioxidant capacity and vitamin E content is used in the baking process. Soybeans, which contains 34.4g of protein in 100g of edible portion are also included, making the snack a high protein one.

Ingredients: Defatted Soybean, Seaweed, Oligosaccharide, Water, Brown Sugar, Rice Syrup, Bay Salt, Soy Sauce, Rice Bran Oil
This product contains Soybean and Wheat.

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