Dashin Whole Wheat & Protein Biscuits (Spicy)


Whole Wheat & Protein Biscuit has the most choices of tastes. It contains nutrition from 17 grains. Available in 4 additive tastes including nuts, injoelmi, garlic butter and spicy, the crispy texture of the product is best to be consumed with milk, yoghurt, overnight oats, etc.

Ingredients: Whole Wheat Flour, Isolated Soy Protein, Raw Sugar, Grains (Barley, Rice, Brown Rice, Soybean, Sticky Rice, Sorghum, Whole Wheat, Corn, Perilla, Sesame, Peanuts, Black Rice, Black Sesame), Salt, Dried Yeast, 5.35% Spicy Seasoning (Spicy BBQ Flavor Premix [Spicy Seasoning Powder, Aspartame, Dextrin, Anti-caking Agent, Onion Powder, Inactive Dry Yeast])
This product contains wheat, soybeans, peanuts, meat, shellfish and milk products.

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