Mealite ABC Juice (10ml*14)


The popular ABC Juice has landed in Hong Kong! ABC juice is composed of Apple, Beetroot and Carrot. It is known as a miracle drink for its obvious slimming effect. However, it is not only time-consuming to prepare ABC juice by yourself, but it is also unpleasant if the mixing ratio is wrong and not everyone can accept the scum in the juice. Mealite ABC Juice is developed with the golden ratio recommended by nutritionists, with dried prunes added to further enhance the nutritional value. Consuming Mealite ABC Juice for a long time can achieve nine major effects of fat reduction, skin-beauty, anti-oxidation, immunity enhancement, liver detoxification, anti-cancer, blood enrichment, and enhanced heart and gastrointestinal health! The sweet and sour taste allows those who do not like the taste of fruits and vegetables to drink with confidence, and it is concentrated into a small package that is convenient to carry so you can drink anytime, anywhere without losing nutrition and efficacy.

Ingredients: Apple Concentrate, Organic Carrot Concentrate, Organic Red Beet Concentrate, Dried Plum Concentrate

How to Drink
Tear to drink. It is recommended to drink 2 bags every day before breakfast or lunch and dinner.

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