Mealite Zero Café (3.5g*15)


Are you addicted to coffee? Excessive intake of caffeine would cause body tension and hence, leading to headaches, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. Decaffeinated coffee in the market does not mean that there is no caffeine at all, but the content is very low. Italian pure barley is used in Mealite Zero Café and they are processed in the same way as coffee roasting for a coffee-like taste and aroma. Inulin, a soluble fibre which helps digestion is also added. The product is a coffee substitute even for children and pregnant women!

Ingredients: Organic Italian Barley Powder, Dutch Inulin

How to Drink
Tear according to the dotted line and add it into 200 - 350 ml of hot water. Mix well to drink.

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