Poliboy Organic Parquet & Wood Planks Care


1) Ideal for all varnished, glazed and sealed wooden floors, as well as for oiled and waxed wooden floors
2) Cleans, cares and protects - contains valuable vegetable wax
3) Based on 100% natural active agents - certified „Nature Care Product“
4) Fresh, fruity grapefruit fragrance with lemongrass from essential oils
5) The bottle is made entirely from recycled plastic (100% recyclate)
6) Vegan

Ingredients: 5-15% nonionic surfactants (sugar surfactants, saponins*), under 5% anionic surfactants (amino acid surfactants), perfumes (limonene, citral from lemongrass oil) as well as water, carnauba wax*, citric acid, potassium sorbet, xanthan. *certified organic

How to use
For regular cleaning, add three caps to water (approx. 50mL to 5L). 
Mop the floor as usual. Avoid excessive moisture. 
In case of heavier contamination, add higher doses or treat stains with the pure solution and then wipe off with water. 

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