Poliboy Organic Kitchen Cleaner

1) Hygienic and ecological cleanliness for all kitchen surfaces such as worktops, cupboards, cookers & extractor hoods.
2) The special combination of natural soda and bio-alcohol support the removal of stubborn fat and other stains
3) No harmful residues are left behind, and food can be prepared on the surfaces
4) Natural essential oils fill the room with a fresh, natural fragrance of oranges
5) Based on 100% natural active agents - certified „Nature Care Product“
6) The bottle is made entirely from recycled plastic (100% recyclate)
7) Vegan
Ingredients: under 5% nonionic surfactants (sugar surfactants), anionic surfactants (amino acid surfactants), perfumes (limonene from orange oil) as well as water, alcohol*, soda ash, lactic acid, xanthan. *certified organic
How to use
Open the nozzle. Simply a thin layer at a distance of approx 20cm, leave to soak for a short time, wipe off the grease and dirt with a damp cloth and wipe with a dry cloth afterwards.
Repeat the application for stubborn dirt and leave to soak in a little longer. 

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